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12th-Oct-2012 01:57 am(no subject)
Sleepy me & E

Sorry for the short entry... I'm on our iPad & it is taking forever to type this out one-handed, lol.

Well, due to my creeping up BP, doc has decided she needs to induce me at 38.5 weeks IF I don't go in to labor before that. I have been getting hardcore acupuncture & doing other tricks, but so far no dice... Though I did have some contractions this am! Anyway, I have my third non-stress test tomorrow, and after the last one did NOT go super well, I am a bit nervous... Here's hoping this one's better!

Baby is doing super well, v. active and growing like crazy! My body is just starting to flip out... Oh well!

Hope y'all are well :). I will keep ya posted on what happens... Super exciting to know that at least by Oct. 21 I will be holding my son :). Hooray!


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